This shooting game is a throwback to some of the early 2D sidescrolling shooters.

The game map is built up using individual tiles arranged in a grid.
There are three initial levels and a level editor is included to allow
for expansion of the game.

The enemies have AI, which allows them to
patrol their area back and forth until they spot the player at which
point they will stop and shoot.

Controls are WASD for movement, SPACE to shoot and Q to throw grenades.

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7 thoughts on “Shooter

  1. Russ’s Tutorials have been a fantastic introduction to the world of pygame. As someone who has wanted to get into game development for years, but never had the likes of the Unity or Unreal GUIs click with me, pygame seemed like a fantastic alternative.

    Russ, your tutorials have been an excellent in-roads into game development with pygame, and you’ve done the library a huge service accordingly.

    For anyone fortunate to end up on this site, know that the tutorials you are about to watch are amongst the best you could hope to find for pygame.

    Happy development!

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