Flappy Bird

A fully working flappy bird clone.

This is a clone of the popular mobile game Flappy Bird. See how far you can get while avoiding obstacles in the form of pipes. The game continues endlessly until eventually the bird hits one of the pipes.

Click the mouse to flap, temporarily lifting the bird up before it continues to fall again.

3 thoughts on “Flappy

  1. Thank you, Russ. Your explanation was wounderfull. I just have one problem in my scoring check, the score goes only to 1 and after the first pipe it doesn’t count. If you reply, I will be very grateful.

    1. Hello, it may just be that you have a mistake in the code that counts the pipes as the bird passes through them. Double check the source code and see where the issue might be

      1. I have a problem with the score counter too, instead of the score increasing with 1, mine increases with 19 for each pipe. I have already checked all numbers and variabels , nothing is wrong. For your knowledge, i use Visual studio code. Can you explain why this is happening?

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